Pick a PA School in Texas from Our List

pa school in texas

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Physician assistant is a nice profession and it is being in demand and growing. There are many students who choose the degree and if you also want to have it for yourself with a plan to study in Texas, you need to know what school you can enter.

PA School in Texas

  1. Baylor College of Medicine: This physician assistant school Texas is located in Houston. The Master of Science PA program of the university is educating students. They are provided with excellent healthcare faculties. The 30-month PA program ranked as sixth as top physician assistant program in the country.

“Baylor College of Medicine was the first institution in Texas and the fourth in the nation to grant a Master of Science degree upon completion of a PA program” Baylor College of Medicine

  1. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas: The school is offering physician assistant program and located in Dallas, Texas. They have school of allied health sciences that educate students on what they should learn about PA.
  2. University of North Texas: To become part of the university, students must submit CASPA, settle the application-processing fee and submit official GRE score report for admission. Incomplete application will not be considered and application materials submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. To be eligible, students should earn a bachelor’s degree from regionally accredited university. They need to achieve the minimum GPA of 2.85, complete physician assistant school requirements and submit letters of professional reference.
  3. University of Texas Medical Branch: Over the years, the school has dedicated in improving health of society. Today, they are offering baccalaureate degrees in clinical laboratory, master’s degree in clinical laboratory sciences, health professions, occupational therapy and PA studies. The university continues to explore opportunities in expanding their inter-professional learning and program offerings.
  4. Texas Tech University Health Science Center: The University was established in the year 1999 and their PA is a graduate program. This physician assistant school in Texas is located in Midland with a focus on family medicine and primary care. It can be completed in 27 months.

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Studying in a PA school in Texas is a nice choice but it is better when you have an idea on what university is offering physician assistant. Pick from the listed schools above and submit your application now!