Cardiothoracic Surgery PA Programs

cardiothoracic surgery pa

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A cardiothoracic surgery PA may be one of the best specialties in physician assistant because you are going to improve your knowledge and skills in the field of medicine.

While you can show your exceptional patience and dedication among patients with cardiothoracic illnesses and conditions.

What Is Cardiologist PA in Cardiothoracic?

Your job will include providing professional medical help and doing operations on the heart, lungs and chest wall for treating certain medical conditions, such as blood vessel blockage in these and other organs on both men and women.

It also has something to do with problems on leaking heart valves.

“Why become a cardiothoracic surgeon? Challenging, interesting, and fulfilling work that includes emerging therapies and new technology in medicine. Team approaches to problem solving. And above all, a commitment to saving lives. These are just a few of the opportunities a career in cardiothoracic surgery provides” The Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Schools for PA in Cardiology

  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital is offering residency for surgical PA, with general rotations that include Pediatrics, General, Cardiac, Plastics and Thoracic, among others. Aside from these, other includes rotations on orthopedic, urology and transplant.
  2. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital also offers residency for PA in cardiology and thoracic. You will have to complete your course in one year or 12 months, with two weeks of vacation. You can visit their website for complete details on the requirements and deadlines.
  3. University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine is offering Cardiothoracic Physician Assistant and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Fellowship to students who want to learn and be trained about cardiothoracic PA and improve their core competencies and skills to work in their desired surgical setting in the future. By studying here, you will be given the flexibility to train that will meet your learning PA school requirements.

Cardiothoracic PA Training

Admission requirements per program varies, so you will have to check their official websites in order to learn about their complete set of requirements and deadlines that you need to keep. In most cases, you will need to complete your PA training program, but which may require you to have a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree prior to applying.

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Prerequisites will also include courses or credits in chemistry, biology and anatomy, and some other programs will require their applicants to have clinical or work experience in direct patient care, such as working as a nurse or a paramedic.

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So if you want to work and become a cardiothoracic PA in the future, prepare yourself with the educational requirement, prerequisite courses and characteristics, including patience, before applying in a PA residency program for cardiothoracic specialty!