Core Tips for Getting into PA School

tips for getting into pa school

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Physician assistant or PA profession is growing and it is not in demand. In fact, it attracts many individuals with healthcare experiences and different backgrounds. To get into PA program, here is what you should know.

How to Get into Physician Assistant School

  1. Prepare early: You need to seek for programs you want to apply for. You need to make a strategy in getting into that program and it is better when you start early so that you will know what things you need to consider. It is also important when you get clinical experience ahead of time because it increases your chance to be accepted. Start writing your personal statement for PA school.
  2. Work in summer: If you are not busy, there are things you can do in getting an experience you need for your application. You need to do a research that offers summer programs. The trick in here is that you need to apply in the spring semester to meet the early deadlines.
  3. Find mentors: Finding mentors is a big help and they can help you in every stage of your career. Some of them can be your professor, research investigator, faculty advisor, clinician or officer of a student organization that can provide you excellent advice.
  4. Go beyond the minimum requirements: There are minimum requirements when you get into PA school and do your best to exceed the minimum. You need to set yourself apart from other applicants and when you are ahead of others, you can be prepared to enter PA school.
  5. Just apply: There are instances that you need to apply to schools and not on just one school. Just apply and wait for email or confirmation that the school accepts you. If you have many applications, it increases your chance to be accepted in any of the school you have applied for.

Note: The easiest way to get into PA program is to get experience, start applying early and prepare all the requirements.

List of 10 Easiest PA Schools to Get into

Physician assistants are formally educated and trained to work closely with doctors and patients. They examine patients and diagnose illnesses and injuries and they also provide treatment. Now if you are looking to become a physician assistant and work in this growing industry, what are the easiest PA programs to get into? Check out the following:

  1. CUNY York College: Apply here for quality physician assistant training without so much difficulty. Visit its official site for complete requirements.
  2. Duquesne University: Here you will be able to complete a five-year curriculum and earn a Master in Physician Assistant Studies and Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.
  3. Grand Valley State University: This is a non-CASPA PA program but it can provide you with high-quality education and training.
  4. John H. Stroger Hospital Of Cook County/Malcolm X: Located in Chicago, this PA program is one of the easiest to get into but definitely a good choice for you.
  5. Miami Dade College: This is another PA program to consider for those looking for easy to get into programs in the US. Visit their official site for complete requirements and instructions for admissions.
  6. Gannon University:  Enroll here if you want to study for a PA program without much difficulty. Visit their official site for complete requirements and a deadline for submissions.
  7. D’Youville College: This is located in Buffalo, NY, so you may want to apply here if you are in the state.  Few requirements include 1100 of combined SAT score for the critical reading and math sections and at least an 85 percent average.
  8. CCNY Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education: Located in New York, this is one of the easiest PA programs to get into right now. See its official website and check out complete requirements.
  9. Christian Brothers University: This PA school is located in Tennessee and it is for PA applicants looking for an easy to get into a program. It is not CASPA certified but it provides quality education.
  10. Georgia Regents University: Earn a Master of Physician Assistant Program degree by enrolling into their program. Check out their official site for complete details.

Getting into PA school is not easy because you need to meet the requirements for physician assistant school and ensure you stand out. But you can simplify the preparation process with these PA school interview questions. With that in mind, knowing some tips to get into the program will help you so start researching now!

Learn how to get into physician assistant school with our tips and start getting ready today!