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health care assistant personal statement

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It is not easy to write health care personal statement according to PA program requirements because there are many things that should be incorporated. When you are having a hard time in writing, this page will help you in writing so read it carefully.

Advices in Writing Personal Statement Health Care Assistant

  • Take it seriously: In writing your personal statement health care assistant, you need to take it seriously. There are also other applicants that do not take it seriously because they just construct an essay and submit it. Do not do this because you will not increase your chance to be accepted.
  • Work experience: You can describe a scene from your work experience that helps you to become a better person or to find solutions to that problem you encounter. You can never get a good start when you begin with similar information with others.
  • What you have learned: It is also important to show what you have learned from your work experience. Do not just write it, but you need to demonstrate your non-academic skills that are required in taking the course.

Also you can think about applying for pharmacy residency if you need a “plan B”.

  • Hard work: Becoming a health care assistant is all about hard work. If you do not work hard, you probably do not know gain more skills, but when you do, show the hard work you have done in the past for the committee to be impressed.
  • Realistic view: Show to the admission committee that you have a realistic view about your chosen profession. By doing so, you can show that you’re committed to what you have chosen.
  • What you have done outside: In writing your personal statement, it is good when you also include details on what you have done outside classroom. Activities or experiences not related only to academics are also good to share.
  • Structure: Aside from good information, you need to have a good structure because it will allow the committee to have an easy reading and understanding.
  • Proofread: You should not forget to read your essay when you are finished in writing.

“What makes a good personal statement is an honest personal statement, one that candidly tells the assessor exactly what the candidate has done in terms of work experience, and what their interests are in non-academic areas. Whatever their outside interests are, that should be in the personal statement, in a clear but honest way” University of Birmingham

Checking health care assistant personal statement examples is also a nice idea because you gain more details aside from checking out tips. Also if you want to be happy with your work, you can check examples of personal statement pharmacy.

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