Physician Assistant Programs in Mississippi

physician assistant programs in mississippi

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As a physician assistant, students must complete 100 hours of education every 2 years and need to apply for recertification for every 10 years. If you want to take physician assistant programs in Mississippi, you need to know what schools are offering the said program.

Physician Assistant Programs in Mississippi

These cities are offering Mississippi PA programs. Choose the one you like and start applying to the university.

  • PA Briggsville
  • Lost Creek Physician Assistant
  • PA in Norway
  • Lillian Physician Assistant
  • Program in PA Davis South
  • Beattie PA
  • Dagsboro Physician Assistant
  • PA Lacamp
  • Salem PA

PA Programs in Cupertino

Mississippi College PA Program Requirements: Graduate Requirements

  • Complete all courses with grade of 70 percent or higher
  • Earn minimum 142 grad semester credit hours in 48 months or less
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Complete portfolio project
  • Complete written, practical, professional and oral components
  • Comply with the guidelines in Ethical Conduct for Physician Assistant Professional that established by American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Meet technical standards

Mississippi College PA Program: Career Outlook

According to records of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for PA was expected to increase by 38 percent. The factors to the growing of PA’s include decreased cost for PA and increased in the responsibilities. Major areas of the employment include hospitals, outpatient centers and physician’s offices.

The good thing with the degree is the salary wage. It is somewhat higher compared to other profession because the annual salary for PA’s was 92,970 dollars. The specialty and the employer are some of the factors that affecting the pay rates. The industries paying highest wages include specialty hospitals, administration services, home healthcare service and employment services.

To become a physician assistant, the first step is to meet all the academic PA requirements. You cannot enter a program if you do not submit the needed materials. The second thing is checking out more information about the university you chose. You need to ensure that you have enough knowledge about the physician assistant program before you apply.

‘An interview with the admissions committee is required. When selecting applicants for interview, the Committee may take into account the interview and any aspect of the student’s prior educational, personal, and professional record. Read about the details regarding minimum standards for entry. Applicants must meet all or exceed the prerequisite requirements for consideration into the program” Mississippi College

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