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A professional certification is an essential part to become a physician assistant. If you want to enroll at physician assistant programs in Michigan, it is essential to choose wisely. There are accredited schools that you can choose in the state.

Michigan PA Programs

Enough information about Michigan physician assistant programs will help you in choosing. If you like to study in Michigan and looking for cities that offer physician assistant programs, here is the best list.

  1. Central Michigan University
  2. Eastern Michigan University
  3. Grand Valley State University
  4. University of Detroit/Mercy
  5. Wayne State University
  6. Western Michigan University
  7. Physician Assistant Aldie
  8. PA in Harrison
  9. Milford Square Physician Assistant
  10. Kendleton PA

PA Programs in United States: Educational Overview

Physician assistants have numerous opportunities and when you decided to apply you have a nice decision. To qualify, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree. Applicants need to meet prerequisite coursework or to have a work experience in healthcare field. Some of the common course topics include anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.

To become licensed, applicants must complete programs that are being approved by Accreditation Review Commission on Education for Physician Assistant or also known as ARC-PA. Majority of programs that are accredited are available at master’s degree. On the other hand, academic PA requirements will be set by medical boards.

PA Programs: Requires Extensive Clinical Experience

If you wish to apply for master’s degree in physician assistant, you need to have clinical experience because it allows students to work with other healthcare professionals. At the ends of rotations, students will be evaluated through assessment by their supervisor and examinations.

“In Michigan, physician assistant programs are offered at the master’s degree level and take approximately two years to complete. One school listed in this article also offers a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program, which is designed to be completed in five years. Typically, students complete clinical rotations in the second year of their master’s program.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree with completed coursework in such subjects as anatomy, biochemistry, chemistry, biostatistics and psychology. In addition, they are typically required to have 500-1,000 hours of health care experience working directly with patients. Most physician assistant programs are offered on a limited admissions basis”

All students who want to become a certified physician assistant must pass Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination to get their license. The exam is a multiple choice testing students on topics about disease, diagnostics, surgical procedures, medical procedures and anatomy.

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Choose one of the Michigan PA programs you want and begin submitting your application!