PA Programs In Massachusetts

pa programs in massachusetts

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PA programs in Massachusetts may be for you if you want to take your clinical and healthcare knowledge to the next level.

You might have worked as a nurse’s aide, dietician or athlete trainer and now you are looking to take your skills higher and work in a related field, like physician assistance. Check out the following for what you need to know to become a PA in the state.

PA Programs Massachusetts

  1. Bay Path University does not require a GRE but needs you to have TOEFL certification if you are not a native English speaker. This is a CASPA participating program that will help you learn the most updated of PA curriculum so that you can work with an adept knowledge and complete skills needed to become an effective PA in the state. It will require you of a supplemental application of $45.
  2. Boston University is a top PA school in the state that offers you with comprehensive PA learning you need to become competitive in the future. You will be awarded a master’s degree upon course completion. To apply, some general requirements for PA school such as the Boston University are TOEFL (non-native speakers of English) and GRE score. Check out their official site for a complete list of application documents. You will have to pay a supplemental application fee of $35 when you apply.
  3. MCPHS University offers you with a master’s degree in physician assistance; however, you will need to have a GRE score to qualify as well as TOEFL certification if you are not a native English speaker. This program participates in CASPA and offers free supplemental application.
  4. MGH Institute of Health Professions is not yet accredited as it is still a developing Boston PA program. You will be required of GRE and TOEFL certification (non-native English speaker). This is a CASPA participant.
  5. Northeastern University offers a comprehensive education on PA. General PA school requirements here include a supplemental application of $75 and a TOEFL certification if you are not a native speaker of English. It does not require applicants of GRE.

General program goals:

  • Recruit and select individuals from diverse backgrounds for admission to the Physician Assistant Program.
  • Provide students with a broad generalist curriculum and clinical experiences in diverse health care environments.
  • Prepare students as critical thinkers and lifelong learners.
  • Prepare students to become effective members of an interprofessional team and leaders in health care and the community.
  • Review our educational methods periodically and make adaptations to evolving knowledge, innovations in technology and current societal needs.

Northeastern University

  1. Springfield College requires applicants of TOEFL (non-native), but not requiring GRE and supplemental application fee.
  2. Tufts University School of Medicine requires MCAT and GRE; it also requires TOEFL for non-native speakers and supplemental fee of $50.

There you have the top PA schools in the state of Massachusetts and PA requirements.

Complete your application documents and apply to PA programs in Massachusetts today!