PA Programs in Maine

pa programs in maine

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Master’s degrees are the common option for physician assistant students. Usually, PA programs in Maine can be completed in two years. On the other hand, there are programs that require three years of study.

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PA Programs in Maine

  1. University of New England
  2. Physician Assistant Lewisville
  3. Carter PA
  4. Harrington PA
  5. PA Collins
  6. PA in Swan
  7. Physician Assistant in Window Rock
  8. PA Programs in Morgan
  9. PA Programs in Chester
  10. Wilsey Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant Programs in Maine: Specialization Options

There are many specialties in physician assistant programs in Maine. Students who pursue advanced studies can choose what course they want. Students can choose to become urology PA, orthopedic, neurosurgical or neonatal physician assistant.

“The reason why becoming a physician assistant can take so long is because most certified and licensed PAs these days have a Master’s degree in Health Science, which means that in addition to the four year-training involved in getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, these professionals have also pursued a Master’s Degree in this field, which requires two additional years of theoretical and practical education that are needed to acquire the skills and knowledge required for treating, examining and diagnosing patients, as well as for prescribing various medical treatments and therapies designed to cure or to alleviate their condition”

In addition, PA schools in Maine are offering lots of opportunities to students. PA can work in numerous locations with specific groups of patients like children or elderly. Some of the careers you can have after you graduate are surgery or pediatric physician assistant.

Maine Physician Assistant: Salary and Employment Outlook Information

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistants must be emotionally stable, interested to help other people and self-motivated. They need to come up with swift decisions. Also, BLS said that PA’s demand will increase by 38 percent between 2012 until 2022, which is faster compared to average United States occupations. In the year 2013, the expected salary for physician assistant was 92,970 dollars.

Main is one of the places that offering wonderful physician assistant education. Main physician assistant is growing up to now and there are many students applying around the world. However, not all students are admitted in Maine PA schools for the reason that they are not qualified or they do not have complete application. Universities have strict application that is why you need to ensure that you check the program information to know what you need to submit.

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