PA Programs in Louisiana

pa programs in louisiana

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PA Programs in Louisiana will help you become a successful PA assistant in the state and work in the healthcare industry. You will have the chance to work with doctors, although you will not have to perform surgeries. Before you can have the chance to work with patients and doctors, you will need to complete your application and qualify in a school offering top PA programs in the state.

Check out the following for information you will have to know about your application, PA requirements and important notes about certain schools in the state of Louisiana.

PA Programs Louisiana

  • Louisiana State University offers you with topnotch education when it comes to PA assistance in the state. Here, you will become a competent PA in the state and work closely with doctors and patients. If you have the passion for healthcare and you want to attend to patient needs, you can apply in LSU. Here, you will also be able to learn of a wide range of healthcare settings in the state.
  • Louisiana State University (Shreveport) is located in the Kings Highway. It can grant you with a master’s degree upon completion, it is a CASPA program and it requires GRE score. You will need to pay a supplemental application of $50 to apply here.
  • Our Lady of the Lake College offers you with one of the best PA programs Louisiana. It can award you with master’s degree upon completion of your course. You will be required of TSE if you are a non-native English speaker and you will be asked of GRE score. This school is not a CASA participating program.

Physician Assistant Programs Louisiana

Generally, physician assistant programs in Louisiana will require you of prerequisite courses, including that in psychology, chemistry and biology. Depending on the school, you will be required of other science courses before applying in their PA program. You will also be required of statistics course. In addition, you will need Graduate Record Examination or GRE before your application. Many schools will also require of experience in the healthcare setting. You must have direct patient contact, including as a clinic assistant, nurse’s aide or patient care attendant.

“In order to maintain licensure, physician assistants in the state of Louisiana must complete 100 hours of continuing medical education every two years, upon which time the license must be renewed through the state board”

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