Missouri State University PA Program

missouri state university pa program

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Be sure to check out the best PA schools in Missouri to have a good choice. If you want a high quality education, you need to know what university is right for you. Here are some of the lists you can check out!

PA Programs Missouri

These PA programs Missouri will help you in choosing what school you might want. You no longer need to have a hard time searching the internet.

  1. Missouri State University PA program
  2. Saint Louis University
  3. University of Missouri-Kansas City
  4. A.T Still University of Health and Sciences
  5. Dumont Physician Assistant
  6. Ponce De Leon PA
  7. PA in Elkland
  8. Fairfield Physician Assistant
  9. Kivalina PA
  10. PA Program in Cochran

Tips for Applying Missouri State PA Program

When you know what Missouri state PA program you want to apply, some tips and PA program requirements will help you to be prepared.

  • CASPA: Most physician assistant programs are utilizing CASPA. With it, you can upload the needed materials and to fill out necessary details for your application. On the other hand, if you do not want to apply for programs not utilize by CASPA, be sure to be prepared for little work.

Scores must be submitted directly from AAMC (for the MCAT) or ETS (for the GRE). MCAT and GRE scores must be submitted thru CASPA.

  • For the MCAT:  Applicants must submit official MCAT scores to CASPA after self-reporting their MCAT scores and entering their AAMC ID number into the CASPA application. Applicants should contact AAMC to request their official scores to be released to CASPA following the self-reporting of their score and identification information.
  • For the GRE: Applicants must submit official GRE scores to the UMKC CASPA code:8831.
    • Note: Official MCAT and GRE scores must be released thru CASPA, and an applicant may not submit scores to the UMKC institutional codes in lieu of the CASPA process.

University of Missouri – Kansas City

  • Set three categories: You can set your categories into three which are reach programs, safety programs and target programs. You need to check each program if it is enough or not.
  • How many schools you will apply to: The more universities you will apply, the greater your chance of getting accepted but you need to spend much because of the fees you need to settle but if it will help you in reaching your dreams, then apply as many as you can.
  • Location: Be sure that the location is good wherein you will enjoy your stay there. Ensure that it’s a place where you see yourself and you would not mind to live there.
  • Mission statement: Making a research about their mission statement is essential to know if its matches your interest or not.

If you have ample time, start making a good research and finding the right physician assistant program for you.

We’ve also prepared detailed information on physician assistant programs in Mississippi in case you need it.

Check all the PA programs Missouri you know and narrow down your list into three, then choose the best among those choices!