How Long Is PA School? What Do You Need to Become a PA?

how long is pa school

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Most undergraduate students dream to become an assistant physician because of the interesting nature of the work involve and the rewarding career many certified PAs enjoy.

Many often wonder how long is school for physician assistant, what physician assistant school requirements are and what the average GPA for PA school is. And we have all the answers.

How Long Is PA School for High School Students?

If you are currently in high school and aspire to become a physician assistant, you must have often thought, “how long is PA school?” Before you count the coming years, you must understand that you have to finish high school first which is four years of schooling. But should you desire to accelerate your high school years then you can take the GED.

GED is equal to a high school diploma. It affords students to bypass some years of high school. For those who are of legal age and are high school dropouts passing the GED means passing high school.

Upon graduating from high school, you need to finish a four-year undergraduate course that is related to PA. Other physician assistant programs require that you have a master’s degree, but typically, you need another two more years for the completion of the physician assistant program.

So, how long is physician assistant school after high school? If all goes well, then it will take about six years before you become a physician assistant.

“Most PA programs require applicants have at least three years of healthcare experience. Popular choices for gaining this experience include working as an EMT, paramedic, or nurse before applying. After earning a bachelor’s degree, some students go on to complete a two-year master’s physician assistant program”

How Long Is PA School for College Undergraduates?

If you are already a college graduate and apply for PA school it will normally take about 24 months to 27 months to finish a physician assistant program. That is approximately two years after graduating from college.

How long is physician assistant school for undergraduate students who have either stopped schooling or decided to change courses? If you belong to this category then you add the years you have to finish your baccalaureate degree plus the two years needed to complete the PA program. And that’s how long is PA school for you.

Generally, planning early will give you the best idea on how long is school for physician assistant, should you plan to make it your chosen career path for the future.

So if you want to know how long is PA school and get help when getting ready, contact our team right now!