What Is the Average GPA for PA School?

average gpa for pa school

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Average GPA for physician assistant school must be 3.0 or higher.

The average GPA scores of applicants for physician assistant school ranges from 3.36 to 3.47

Average GPA for PA School Details

First GPAs are not the sole basis for being accepted into PA school. Every school’s admission board evaluates many factors before they deem that an applicant is fit to enter the PA program. Other factors considered for entry aside from the average GPA for physician assistant school are courses taken, grades on courses, number of direct patient care experience, application essays and interview.

Although your GPA score is not the only deciding factor whether you are accepted or not, it is still important that you gain an average that is above 3.0. Physician assistant school is a highly competitive academic arena and your grades reflect your knowledge and performance. There is no other way to gauge on how well you are thriving academically, only your grades show this. Hence, above average GPA for PA school is mandatory.

“According to PAEA, matriculants had an average of 3.46 science GPA, 3.59 non-science GPA, and 3.52 GPA overall, while the average of all applicants tended to be lower in all 3 categories. For UT Southwestern’s PA program, the average science GPA was 3.64 and the overall GPA was 3.65 for this class, slightly higher than the national averages” Source

Beating the Minimum Average GPA for PA School

Many students who have a high GPA with remarkable medical experiences still get rejected from entering PA school. Your application for the PA program as said earlier is not only based on a single factor within your application. The need to excel and outperform others with the same position is to look at all the possible facets of the requirements given by the school.

If your grades are already good then focus on other miniscule requirements for the PA program that you can improve. Volunteer work related to health care is an important element in your PA application since these show that you are not only after the glamorous side of becoming a physician assistant. Undertake volunteer work in rural areas or join medical mission tasks.

Applying for PA school is difficult because all the PA school prerequisites and physician assistant school requirements bear the same weight in determining your application. Your average GPA for PA school is not everything, but you still need to have an ideal score in order to be accepted.

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