PA School Interview. Questions and Preparation

pa school interview

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Not all students gets interview because they did not presented themselves effectively. Interview is important because it allows you to show your confidence and knowledge in the area that you choose. Read this for more information.

PA School Interview: Why It Is Important

The interview is your chance in communicating to the committee because you show about you:

  • Understanding of responsibilities and roles of PAs
  • Your desire to become a physician assistant
  • How your non-clinical and clinical experience prepare for to choose career as medical clinical
  • Your awareness of the intense training that necessary in achieving such responsibility
  • Why they should accept you

Why Preparation Is Important for PA School Interview

With PA school interview preparation, it will help you to perform well and will increase your chance of being accepted. No matter what preparation you had done, there will still be questions that will throw to you that you are not prepared of. In this case, you need to compose yourself and think of a good answer.

If you are ask a question that you do not know, take a moment in reflecting how the question is similar to question you’ve prepared for. Think of the following in helping you answer the question:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re good at?
  • What you want to do?
  • What you love to do?
  • Never lie

Physician Assistant School Interview Questions

When you know some physician assistant school interview questions and other requirements for PA school, you can prepare yourself. You need to rehearse yourself and ensure that you are comfortable in answering it when interview comes. Below you find general list of PA common interview questions.

  • Why you want to be a physician assistant?
  • How you define physician assistant?
  • Why the university should accept you?
  • Where you see yourself in five to ten years?
  • What contributions you can give to the program?
  • What’s the difference of PA and NP?
  • How your backgrounds help you to be prepared with the mental and physical training to become a physician assistant?
  • What are the three aspects that are important in physician assistant program?

“And if the interviewer uses a term in a question that you are not familiar with, do not freak out. Politely say that you are not familiar with the term and ask them to explain it before you give an answer. Chances are, the question was designed specifically to throw you off your game. They will be more impressed if you ask for clarification than if you make up some off-topic answer”

If you can able to prepare yourself before the interview day, you are guaranteed to impress the admission committee. It is better when you ready some questions you need to answer to prepare yourself.

In case you are on a tight budget, you can always try applying for PA school scholarships.

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