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Working as a surgery PA is one of the most competitive and lucrative jobs to have if you would like to work as a physician assistant.

One is a highly skilled clinician who has his clinical and didactic training, allowing him to work in every area of the peri-operative environment, such as testing, pre-admission, intra-operative first assisting, SICU care, PACU care, outpatient clinic and sometimes even home care. Before you could become a licensed PA surgical though, you will need to pass and complete the stringent requirements by PA schools for surgery physician assistants.

What to Know about Surgery PA

Based on the latest figures from the AAPA, over 84,000 physician assistants are working in the clinical practice alone, while the AASPA has recorded over 35,000 to be working in a surgical setting. By working as a PA oral surgery or as another PA in the surgical field, you will have the function of assisting a doctor in the entire management of intra as well as post- operative needs of a patient. You will also be involved in the end-to-end environment that will allow you in offering an unparalleled help in patient care.

Usually, a PA surgery does about 80 percent of the tasks that are done by his or her supervising doctor, while some PAs also do routine procedures and problems that allow the surgeon to focus on patients with more complicated needs.

Requirements to Become a PA in Surgery

You will need to have a complete course attended from an accredited program offering surgical PA programs and should get a license from every state from where you intended to work and practice. You will also have to pass a national examination for PAs.

In order to work as a surgical PA, you should choose surgical specialty that also involves areas, include pre-operative testing, critical care, general surgery and anesthesia, among others. For some, they also choose to have background in transplant surgeries and orthopedics. Services rendered by a PA are reimbursable but only at a percentage of what a surgeon would get and usually done by many federal programs, compensation programs and insurance companies.

Studying PA in Surgery at the Emory University

Offering a year of study in the surgical physician assistant residency program, it will teach you in all aspects you need for preparing yourself in patient care including advanced experience and training in surgery. Check out their official site for complete information on academic PA school requirements and work experience before enrolling in the PA surgery.

“The PA residency is attractive both for new PA program graduates who are planning a surgical career and for practicing physician assistants who wish to redirect their careers toward one of the surgical specialties or enhance their knowledge and skills through post-graduate education” Duke University School of Medicine

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