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pa programs in washington state

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If you are looking for PA programs in Washington State, here are schools to choose from. In choosing, be careful because not all schools can meet your needs or specification. Before enrolling, check full details about the university.

PA Programs in Washington State

  1. Heritage University
  2. University of Washington, Seattle
  3. University of Washington, Tacoma
  4. University of Washington, Spokane
  5. Eastern Virginia Medical School
  6. James Madison University
  7. Jefferson College of Health Sciences
  8. Lynchburg College
  9. Mary Baldwin College
  10. Shenandoah University

Tips in Choosing PA Programs

There are things to keep in when choosing PA programs Washington State, here are some of the things to consider.

  • Fit of the prerequisites: When you completed your degree and want to become a physician assistant, you need to meet the prerequisites. These are one of the steps on how to become physician assistant. Look for schools that are tailor to your coursework.
  • Curriculum style: Knowing about the style of the curriculum of the school is important. Know if they are using classroom based lecture, PowerPoint or following the problem based learning curriculum. Whichever they are using, be sure that you get what you want.
  • PANCE pass rate: Knowing about the PANCE pass rate of the school is a good thing. You need to know about their retention rate. Know if the school has a high PANCE pass rate or they have low rate. Higher pass rate means they are really good in delivering quality education.
  • Is thesis a requirement: A thesis paper is needed to be submitted in some programs and you also need to know if you need to submit a thesis in the program. What’s more, it’s obligatory to meet all the PA school requirements.
  • Ask your relatives: It is better when you ask your relatives to get ideas on what school you will enter. They can give you helpful feedbacks to choose.

Physician assistants provide basic care. They gather information from patients, perform physical exams, and order lab tests. They explain test results and review treatment options with patients and their families. If more than one treatment is available, they help patients decide which option to choose.

PAs can also do more complex tasks, such as:

  •  Set simple fractures
  • Run electrocardiograms (EKGs)
  • Sew up wounds
  • Close incisions after surgery

University of Washington

Physician assistant programs in US by state are different from one another. There are schools that have easier application and there are some that are not.

There is also a list of the most outstanding Virginia PA programs you might want to look at.

If you want the best offer, gather enough information about the PA programs in Washington state you are interested to enter and choose the best!