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pa programs pennsylvania

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If you are looking to work in medical fields of any other healthcare fields, you may want to consider to become a physician assistant. There are PA programs Pennsylvania that you can choose to achieve your dreams. But before you make a choice, learn more about PA program requirements.

“Look into the programs you want to apply to as early as freshman year. You can access them through the Physician Assistant Education Association. Programs have very different requirements and cultures, and it’s important to strategize early if you’re planning to enter a program after your senior year in college” Kimberly Mackey

PA Schools in Pennsylvania

  1. Arcadia University
  2. Chatham University
  3. DeSales University
  4. Drexel University
  5. Duquesne University
  6. Gannon University
  7. King’s College
  8. Lock Haven University
  9. Marywood University
  10. Mercyhurst University

Pennsylvania PA Programs: Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the primary duties of Pennsylvania PA programs students need to take patient’s medical history, complete preliminary medical examination, interpret diagnostic tests as well as to administer medications. All of these will be taught to you the time you enter into one of the PA schools in Pennsylvania.

As a physician assistant, you have more responsibilities needed to do. You will work under supervision of doctors ad in some cases, you need to perform some tasks that doctors does. You can assist the doctor with surgery and to any other things. If you are working for surgeons, you need to work for long hours.

Training and Salary

In order to become a certified physician assistant, you need to have a diploma in undergraduate degree. You need to enroll in one of the Pennsylvania PA schools that are accredited and have specialization in offering PA training. The time you complete your training, you will need to pass PANCE. Take note that your education will not end there because there are things you need to enhance like your knowledge and skills. As you go through in your chosen profession, you will continue to develop those skills and increase professional development. To quality into PA program, you need to earn at least 100 hours of education every 2 years. When it comes to salary, the average would be 82,000 dollars.

If you want to help patients and other people who are in need of healthcare service, then you can become a physician assistant but you can never do this when you do not apply.

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If you want that profession, apply in one of the best PA schools in Pennsylvania and submit needed documents!