PA Programs in Georgia

pa programs in georgia

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PA programs in Georgia may be for you if you were living in the state and you want to become a physician assistant. This is one of the most in demand jobs right now and in fact thousands of healthcare workers are physician assistants all over the US.

By applying and qualifying in a PA program in the state, you will have the competitive edge of landing your dream job in the state and work with doctors and patients. Check out the following for a few programs and things to know about PA school requirements.

PA Programs in Georgia

  1. Mercer University is one of the top PA programs in Georgia that you can apply at if you believe that you are qualified and that you can keep up with the stringent requirements needed for becoming a student in the program. It offers a complete and updated curriculum for learners, getting them ready with the competitive industry of healthcare. You can get complete information about their online application and process by checking out their website.
  2. Emory University is one of the most competitive PA programs Georgia that will help you reach your dreams and goals. It offers a complete curriculum for students looking to become a physician assistant in the state. However, you may want to check out the full application requirements and deadlines in their website to make sure that you are on the right track for a complete, impressive application. It requires TOEFL for non-native speakers and GRE for all applicants. The deadline for application is on October 1.
  3. Georgia Regents University is another that offers top PA programs Georgia that will help you get your dream of becoming a top PA in the state. To qualify, you will need GRE score. This school, however, is not a CASPA program. It does not require a supplemental application.
  4. South University is your school for top education in the state. You can check out its official website for a complete list of application requirements. In general, you will need GRE, but it does not require supplemental application. This is a CASPA participating program.

“Once you’ve passed the PANCE and receive the official designation of PA-C (Physician Assistant- Certified) you need to apply for a state license in order to practice. Every
state requires PAs to be licensed in order to practice. In order to maintain the PA-C credential one must earn 100 approved medical continuation education courses every two years in addition to passing the Physician Assistant Recertifying Exam (PANRE) every six years”

There you have the top programs and PA school requirements in the state of Georgia. Some of them may also need letters of recommendations and other written documents, so check those out.

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Start your application for PA programs in Georgia ahead of time but make sure to create impressive application papers!