Illinois PA Programs

illinois pa programs

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Most physician assistants training in Illinois is offering master’s degree level at different private and public schools.

They offer two years in college that is designed for students and will get 1,000 hours of experience.

Illinois PA Programs

  1. City Colleges of Chicago: Students can enroll PA associate’s degree program. The program is accredited by ARC-PA. A student with fifty credits on prerequisite courses and obtained 1,000 hours of professional experience, will be admitted to the program.
  2. Midwestern University: They are offering PA programs Illinois graduate degree. It was accredited by ARC-PA. For admission requirements, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and completed all prerequisite classes.
  3. Northwestern University: They are accepting 30 students in their physician assistant program every year. To be considered, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree and prerequisite coursework. You also need to submit your GRE scores. Students should have at least six months healthcare experience.
  4. Rosalind Franklin University: This is one of the Illinois PA schools you can choose from. Applicants need to complete their prerequisite coursework and to submit their GRE scores with recommendation letters. Typically, the program can be completed in two years.
  5. Rush University: It is accredited by ARC-PA and it takes 33 months before you can complete the degree. It includes a one year classroom instruction as well as 21 months of clinical experience. Students need to submit their GRE scores and diploma.
  6. Southern Illinois University Carbondale: This Southern Illinois program is offering 2 pathways for master’s degree in physician assistant.
  7. City Colleges of Chicago Malcolm X College: It is a two year program and offering physician assistant associate in applied science
  8. Midwestern University Downers Grove: They offer a four year program and it is a non-profit and private school.

“Most physician assistant training in Illinois is offered at the master’s degree level at various public and private universities. One 2-year college offers an associate degree program, which is designed for individuals with 1,000 hours of practical experience. Master’s program applicants may also need to have completed a certain number of hours working in the healthcare field. Additionally, students applying to a graduate-level program need a bachelor’s degree and will need to meet minimum requirements for a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score. Completion of prerequisite courses is typically required for all physician assistant programs. Within the programs, students complete extensive clinical training, in addition to classroom work and labs”

There you have the best list of Illinois PA programs you can choose from. Start choosing and applying today. Be sure that you submit all the physician assistant school requirements on or before the deadline.

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Earlier application means higher chance of getting accepted so don’t procrastinate and start applying for PA programs Illinois as early as possible!