Idaho State PA Program

idaho state pa program

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When you decided to become a certified physician assistant, you need to choose the best school.

If you want to enroll in one of the PA schools in Idaho, you may do so but ensure that it is the right school for you.

Cities With PA Schools in Idaho

  1. Idaho State University
  2. College of Idaho
  3. Physician Assistant Greencreek
  4. Ruper PA
  5. Orofino Physician Assistant
  6. PA in Moore
  7. Dingle PA
  8. PA Meridian
  9. Physician Assistant Springfield
  10. Fernwood Physician Assistant

Choosing Idaho State PA Program

  • Geographic location: Some states or regions have less schools compared to others. You need to think wisely whether you want to be relocated. In choosing Idaho state pa program, you need to check their geographic location.
  • Cost: Physician assistant programs are expensive. If you can afford the tuition fee, you need to check the quality of the education that you will get, it is valuable or invaluable? Regardless, state universities are less expensive.
  • How established the program: A program that is operating for more than ten years, have more experience. Their preceptors and clinical sites are solid and vetted.
  • Length: The length of PA programs varies from one another. Sometimes it takes up to 24 to 36 months.
  • Fit of pre-requisites: When you completed your degree as well as the PA prerequisites, you need to choose a curriculum that is similar with your past work experience. You need to check for schools that you think best for you.
  • Curriculum style: You need to check out on their curriculum whether they are using traditional lecture format or problem based learning. Check if it is a fail or pass format encouraging team work to students or it is a competitive style approach.

“Physician assistants earn a wide range of salaries throughout the state. The physician assistant salary in Idaho typically offers is slightly below the national average. As of a February 2015, physician assistants working in Twin Falls earned an average annual wage of $79,893 while those in Idaho Falls and Boise earned $88,298 and $91,197. This information comes from Place of employment, location, years of experience and skill level can all play a role in determining a physician assistant’s earnings”

Physician Assistant Salary Idaho

For physician assistant salary Idaho, they earn big. As of February 2015, the annual wage average is about 79,893 dollars. The salary wage vary from one place to another.

Start choosing the program you want and complete the needed PA requirements.

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Make sure to submit complete application for an Idaho state PA program before the deadline to qualify!