Deciding on a PA School? Colorado Has Some PA Programs You Can Check Out

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If you are thinking what PA University you want to enter, this page will help you. It presents topnotch schools in physician assistant that will help you to gain all you need and to be educated in the way you want.

Best PA School Colorado

The PA school Colorado is offering physician assistant program and it is located in Lakewood. In fact, the college is accredited by Accreditation Review Commission on Education for Physician Assistant or ARC-PA. The program is offering courses that lead to Certificate in Physician Assistant Studies that prepares students in taking Physician Assistant national Certifying Exam that administered by National Commission for Certification of Physician Assistants. For students who pass the PANCE, they will eligible to get license in any state and they will be admitted to RRCC physician assistant program. The PA program of the school can be completed in 25 months, nationally accredited and state sponsored.

The mission of the school is to train students to become compassionate and competent physician assistants that provide primary care to medically underserved communities. In 1998, the program was made and as of now, their students are successful in career like physical therapy, nursing, exercise physiology, emergency services, medical assisting and others.

University of Colorado is offering physician assistant and child health associate program. They are offering unique courses and curriculum to students. You will be proud to become party of this education program because they are part of the top ranked schools according to US News and World Report.

“Physician Assistant programs vary in length between 18 and 36 months.  The national average is 27 months long.  Though there are 30+ graduate programs (called “Fellowships”), only a small percentage of PAs do this additional training.  Specialty training beyond primary care is typically done on the job” University of Colorado

The program is recognized for their comprehensive training and excellent educational value. The costs for their 3-year program for out-of-state and in state are lower. Aside from their extensive curriculum, they are offering training in behavioral health and pediatric medicine. Through their interprofessional training, they are educating students to become future leaders.

If you can’t still decide what school you will choose, you can review requirements for PA school and afterwards choose from the above listed physician assistant school Colorado. These two schools can guarantee you to have the education you want and to have the experience and training you need to become physician assistant.

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If you are applying for a PA school Colorado and looking for help, feel free to contact our team!