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Florida is offering numerous PA programs and if you are interested to study in Florida, you need to know some schools that offering physician assistant program.

Read this page to know more information and to know what school you can enroll at.

PA Schools in Florida

  1. Barry University: This PA School in Florida is situated in Miami and it is a private catholic school. The university is offering pre physician assistant and master’s degree program. The program can be completed in 3 years of training.
  2. Miami-Dade College: This PA School Florida is situated in Miami and offering two-year program. For first year, they get to know about didactic component and courses in general studies, basic sciences, physical examination, history of medicine and others. For second year, they will be devoted to clinical experiences.
  3. Keiser University: The program is offering Master of Science in PA that can be completed in one-year clinical and didactic phases. The aim of the university is to prepare students to have successful PANCE national certification examination.
  4. Nova Southeastern University: The University is offering physician assistant program is four locations and it is located in Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Southwest Florida.
  5. South University, Tampa: This physician assistant school in Florida is accredited by ARC-PA. They are offering 27-month PA primary care program. It is offered on quarter system wherein the didactic component is 5 quarters long and followed by 4-quarter clinical component with 6 weeks rotations in clinical settings.
  6. University of Florida: It is the only state funded graduate PA program in Florida and they are addressing the need for Pas as well as for other health care practitioners. They are offering fully accredited program and it can be completed in 2 years that requires forty semester hours in clinical components and didactic.

“Aspiring physician assistants in Florida can earn a 2-year (approximate) master’s degree from four universities and a 2-year associate’s degree from one community college. Graduates from any of these programs are eligible to take the certification licensure examination to become a physician assistant. Those enrolled in the master’s degree programs also earn a physician assistant certificate. The curricula include extensive clinical rotations and laboratory work”

Florida is offering numerous PA programs for interested people. It can be completed in part time or full time studies. Students need to meet the requirements for PA school and need to complete prerequisite courses to become part of the program.

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Choose your PA school in Florida today!